DisplayTen Brings Interactive Displays To Your Meeting Room

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You’re On in 3 Seconds
Connect the dongle to your device and you can start sharing any application or content from the web in less than 3 seconds. Use the DTEN pen to write, user fingers to move or select, and use the real eraser to erase. Focus on communicating your ideas, and not on the figuring out technology.

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Unlimited Canvas
Write on the DTEN Note screen. Design workflows and diagrams and brainstorm ideas. Move to a fresh, new section on the screen with two fingers as if you are scrolling to a new page. Use the unlimited canvas to draft as many pages as you want. Save your files and retrieve easily.

Easy Integration With Collaboration Software
DisplayTen is technology agnostic and can integrate with any meeting software fairly easily. So whether you are running Skype of Business, WebEx, or Zoom, you can run powerful meetings from anywhere in the world to share and communicate your ideas.

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