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Ikan is a leading manufacturer of award-winning products used in film, video and photographic productions worldwide. With over a thousand products tailored to the needs of those engaged in motion picture production, broadcast endeavors, and still photography, Ikan offers solutions for individuals working at all levels of proficiency - from beginners to aspiring practitioners to industry pros. 

Ikan has been highly appreciated for constantly adapting to changing production techniques and technology.

We at Adimex take immense pride in being one of the distributors of Ikan lighting Solutions across Australia & New Zealand.

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Onyx On-Camera Series

The Onyx on-camera series features the OYB120 and OYB240. These two panels feature a lightweight aluminum frame, have bi-color capabilities and battery powered options while being portable enough to fit in your camera bag!

Onyx Aluminum Series

The Onyx Aluminum Series consists of 3 different models: OYB5 (Half x 1), OYB10 (1 x 1), and OYB15 (2 x 1). The bi-color LED panels feature a light aluminum body allowing for excellent ventilation, remote control functions for easier accessibility, battery or AC power options, and so much more. 

Mylo Portable LED Series

The Mylo Series of LED lights meets all your field and on-camera lighting needs. From the original MB8 to the smaller MB4-TK, they’ve made traveling with lights easy. Do you need more than one light? The Mylo lights are also available in 2-point kits all the way to 5-point kits, which include stands and bags. 

Stryder SB200

The Stryder Bi-Color 200 watt LED light is a part of Ikan'sStryder line of COB LED lights. The SB200 is a 5" Fresnel light that can change from a wide beam angle to a tight beam with the click of a latch. The extremely quiet active cooling system keeps it working through any shoot. It's easy to move the Stryder around on set due to its lightweight Nylon-Resin body and easy setup. Its hardy outer shell makes the Stryder resilient from the rigors of any shoot. With DMX512, this versatile field light can be used in or out of a studio.


When high CRI LED chips combine with a soft panel, the output is a beautiful, soft wrapping light. What's unique about a Lyra soft light is how it creates a nice, clean shadow. The Lyra Half x 1 soft light is equivalent to a 350-watt incandescent soft light. The soft light's bi-color adjustability ranges from 3200K-5600K and works well with any lighting production. It's brightness is consistent across all color temperatures. The 110-degree wide beam angle can easily light a large area by itself. Thanks to its maximum 40-watts at 0.3 amps, you can also plug in the Lyra soft light practically anywhere. Add to that Ikan's reliable barndoors with intensifiers and you can clearly see why Lyra soft lights are the best value package!


Rayden LED lights is a new brand recently introduced by Ikan. This high CRI 45-degree lens is extremely bright light. It’s bi-color adjustability ranges from 3200K-5600K and works well with any lighting production.  The new LED readout is brighter and provides a quick reference of the light output with precise measurements. The Rayden LED light is equivalent to a 400-watt incandescent light, which makes them ideal for interview settings.

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