When the ABC affiliate, WAAY-TV decided to transition from standard-def. to hi-def. they faced a typical local station challenge—they needed to create the most visually dynamic and competitive HD newscasts on a very limited budget. After extensive research, they chose TriCaster.

Using TriCaster in a new and innovative way, the engineering team at WAAY connected two TriCasters together; using one for broadcast and live streaming, and the other for delivering video and still images.

But it was TriCaster’s integrated virtual set system that ultimately tipped the scales. The production team at WAAY now had access to the built-in virtual sets that they could customize to their programming. Finally, they could do what they always wanted to do with their studios, without the added cost of set builds and additional space.

The challenge for WAAY was to create the most visually dynamic and competitive local HD newscast their limited budget would permit. To do this, they decided to take a risk on a very unconventional approach—to base their live HD newscasts on NewTek's TriCaster, which integrates the funtionality of a hi-def control room within a compact system costing less than $50,000.

In the fall of 2011, WAAY bought and installed two systems: a TriCaster 850 with eight video inputs, two downstream keyers (DSK's), and two digital disk recorders (DDR's); and a TriCaster 300 three-input switcher with two DSK's and one DDR. The cost of the two systems together is like a down-payment on a conventional HD production control room. These systems, which went live on December 11, 2011, enabled WAAY to sucessfully and cost-effectively transition its local news to HD.

waay profile 2 The TriCaster 850 serves as WAAY's main production switcher, and its two DDR's and DSK's serve as a dual-channel HD graphics system. Situated right next to it is the TriCaster 300, which essentially serves as a dual-channel HD server capable of delivering both video and still images to the on-set monitors. Its program and "aux" outputs feed video and graphics to two 50-inch LCD monitors on the news set.

The vision to use TriCaster in this very innovative way was the brainchild of Jonathan Crowe, WAAY's chief engineer. "By taking full advantage of the capabilities inherent in TriCaster, WAAY is spared buying separate components, like the HD switcher, graphics, and server system," Crowe said. "Those three components are among the biggest expenses in any live HD production control room, and this functionality is alredy factored in TriCaster's incomparable price-performance."

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Why TriCaster?

Creating a professional show that can hold audience attention and attract new viewers takes more than just a camera and an Internet connection. If the technology between your lens and your fans is built around a complicated list of hardware, software and process diagrams, you’ll spend more time troubleshooting than creating.

The NewTek family of TriCaster products integrates everything you need into an easy-to-setup and use system, that’s also affordable. With TriCaster in your studio, school, business or van, you’ll spend more time bringing your vision to life, and less time worrying if everything works.