On July 30th, Maxon announced at SIGGRAPH that Cinema 4D R21 will ship in early September and that MSAs to new customers are discontinued and replaced with a new subscription option.

Existing R20 MSA customers can get Cinema 4D R21 when it ships in four ways:

1. Renew your MSA by August 31st

MSA - Cost dependent on C4D R20 Edition

This will get you a perpetual licence of Cinema 4D R21 when released. You will also get 12 months of access to any other upgrades and Cineversity access too. Please note that this will be the last chance to renew your MSA. During your active MSA period, you can also look to move to subscription if you wish, with special deals for active MSA customers to convert.

2. Upgrade from R20 Perpetual to Cinema 4D R21 Subscription

Available from R21 shipment - expected cost AUD 880 inc GST *

Whilst cheaper than MSA, this option will mean that you're on a subscription licence and your R20 perpetual licence has been upgraded and is no longer valid. Subscription licences work during the licenced period, but if your subscription ends and you don't renew, your software will no longer work.

Note that Floating licence subscriptions will have higher pricing.

3. Upgrade from R20 Perpetual to Cinema 4D R21 Perpetual

Available from R21 shipment - expected cost AUD 1560 inc GST to AUD 1740 inc GST depending on whether static or floating respectively *

This is more expensive than renewing your MSA, but can be done after August 31st. It's more expensive than a subscription licence, but perpetuals will continue to work provided software and hardware is compatible.

4. Buy a Subscription of Cinema 4D R21

Available from R21 shipment - expected cost from AUD 1100 inc GST per year or AUD 154 inc GST per month *

This keeps your Cinema 4D R20 as an active perpetual licence which you can use continually. Your subscription licence works whilst your subscription is active.

What's new in Cinema 4D R21

Cinema 4D R21 moves to a singular version, simplifies acquisition and licensing and adds loads of features including: Force Field Dynamics, a new Caps and Bevel system, HiDPI support, Mixamo Control Rig, Intel Open Image Denoise and more! See what's new in Cinema 4D R21.

Cinema 4D R21: Breakdown of New Features

Chris Schmidt from Rocket Lasso breaks down the new features so you don't have to! Chris dives into Field Flow, Volume Vectors, Renderer Denoiser, new Material Nodes, and much more!

* Please Note: All pricing is in Australian dollars including GST and is subject to change without notice. Final pricing will be announced when Cinema 4D R21 ships in early September 2019.