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HOUSTON, Texas (March 27, 2018) – At the recently held NAB Show 2018 at Las Vegas, Ikan showcased its latest technology and products including affordable monitors, lightweight teleprompter, oryon range of lights and more. Let’s have a look at the entire range.

Ikan DH7 V2 Monitor

On-Camera Monitor - DH7-V2

The affordable DH7-V2 features 3D LUTs and 4K signal support as well as an optional add-on wireless receiver. The DH7-V2 is ideal for run-and-gun, indie filmmaking and documentary production.

"The DH7-V2 is an affordable monitor offers 3D LUTs and 4K signal support," says Product Manager Kevin Lu. "You can easily store your favorite 3D LUTs on the DH7-V2 and preview them quickly."

The DH7-V2 comes with a 3D LUTs support and a 4K HDMI signal support, allowing for digital projection in real time. Additionally, the fully touch screen monitor includes a wireless option via a pogo connector. The DH7-V2 functions as a directors' monitor and is ideal for camera operators, directors of photography and indie filmmakers on the go. 

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Ikan Teleprompter

Lightweight Teleprompter for Light Stands

The latest teleprompter is designed to be mounted on light stands and assembles in less than 30 seconds, making this new product ideal for corporate videos, news anchors or interviews.

"Now it's easier to go from in front of the teleprompter to the next shot without missing a beat," says Product Manager Kevin Lu. "You can literally grab the light stand and place it right in front of the camera."

Weighing under three pounds, the latest teleprompter uses American-made 70/30 beam splitter glass with an adjustable frame. This teleprompter is compatible with most broadcast cameras, cinema cameras or DSLRs and is ideal for run-and-gun fieldwork as well as filming in a studio. 

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 Ikan Oryon Light

New Line of Oryon Ring Lights

Ikan announces the release of Oryon, a new line of large diameter ring lights. The line includes 14" and two 18" ring lights with an option for a cosmetic mirror. The soft light produced from these ring lights is ideal for close-up photography or videography, particularly in vlogging or social influencer photography. 

"The best thing about these new large diameter ring lights is just how soft they are when you're using them for close-up work," says Product Manager Barry Garcia. "The lights are dynamic and can be used in photography, music videography, filmmaking, vlogging, and so much more." 

The line of lights includes the Oryon 40, 48 and 60. The Oryon 40 is a 14" ring light with a half stop diffuser. Both the 48 and 60 lights are 18" ring lights with a slightly larger half stop diffuser. The 60 includes a cosmetic mirror. All three of the Oryon series ring lights hit a high 96 and above on both the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) and the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI). The lights include Sony L series batteries, a charger and a stand as well as multiple mounting options for a variety of cameras.

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 Ikan Canvas Light Kit

Canvas Fabric LED Light Kits

The latest light is flexible enough to be used in unconventional or compact spaces, but the light also functions as a full light kit. The CB8 comes in both two point and three point kits, which include light stands, bags and a soft box diffuser. 

"Sometimes the hardest part of videography is carrying the equipment," says Product Manager Barry Garcia. "The best part about our new bi-colour fabric lights is the portability and the light weight when traveling with them."

The lightweight and portable LED light is bi-colour between 3200K and 5600K. The CB8 hits a high mark of 95 on both the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) and Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI). The light can be used in a variety of videography including broadcast, music, documentary, filmmaking, corporate video and more.

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Ikan Atlas Monitor

Atlas Field Monitor with Hard Case

Ikan announces the release of the new Atlas AX20-FK field monitor as a continuation of the Atlas AX20. The ultimate monitor field kit now includes a built-in hard case for protection and portability. Ikan designed the Atlas AX20-FK with 3D LUT support and a HDR preview mode, which is excellent for directors viewing cinematography in real time. 

"This monitor features all the great elements of our AX20, conveniently integrated into a hard case for portability," says Product Manager Kevin Lu. "For all directors and DITs who color-grade on the spot, the 3D LUT support and HDR preview mode makes for the perfect monitor."

The AX20-FK monitor incorporates UHD and 4K support via an HDMI. The monitor comes in 1920x1080 resolution and includes waveform, vectorscope, CIE scope and RGB parade. The monitor remains versatile with a 3G-SDI, HDMI, composite inputs and cross conversion. Directors, Digital Imaging Technicians, Directors of Photography, and First Assistant Cameras can benefit from Ikan's latest field monitor.

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Ikan started with one principle: to provide quality, affordable production equipment to the film, video and broadcast industries. They design and develop tools that enhance film and video productions. These include HD monitors, camera cradles, rack mounts, dollies and studio and location lighting. Ikan provides the professional edge with products that are both innovative and affordable and their warranty program ensures Ikan products will perform efficiently every time.